Measurement Guide


A (relatively) simple visual guide on how to take measurements needed for your fursuit.

Partials do NOT need any body measurements, these are for full suits only


Head measurements:

A: Circumference of head;  measured around the forehead (around temples)

B: Distance between the pupils

C: Circumference of head, measured from top of head to the underside of your jaw. (please do not pull tight in case of large or double chins- the tape measure should be only as tight as you would be comfortable wearing it for several hours, so slightly slack or against the skin is perfect. Tighter = more jaw sensitivity, but also less comfortable

Arm and hand measurements:

A: Wrist circumference

B: Circumference of thumb; measured around the joint

C: Length of middle finger; measured from webbing to tip

D: Length of thumb; measured from webbing

E: Distance from wrist to elbow

F: Distance from elbow to armpit

G: Circumference of forearm; measured around thick portion of muscle

H: Circumference of upper arm; measured around thick portion of muscle

I: Length of arm; measured from wrist to point of shoulder

Body Measurements:

1: Length from point of shoulder to point of hip. (Measure on side of body)

2: Length from point of hip to knee. (Measure on side of body)

3: Length from knee to ankle(measure on side of body)

4: Circumference of chest(for women, please make a note and measure circumference here, and then circumference of breasts at their widest point(this should be reflected in bra size))

5: Circumference of waist

6: Circumference of hips

7: Circumference of thigh, measured at widest point(About two finger’s width’s below the groin)

8: Circumference of calf at thickest portion of the muscle

9: Length from point of shoulder(in the middle, not at the front) to the apex of groin(between your legs).. Gentlemen, please make sure to accomodate yourselves- measure with yourself in mind(don’t push the jewels out of the way!)

10: Length from apex of groin to ankle

Please give accurate measurements, I, the artist, will not be held accountable for items not produced if you, the commissioner, have not provided accurate and correct measurements.